Friday, March 07, 2008

From prodigy to head of software empire. Story in pictures

Gates is clearly a man of great organizational skills and vision. Building company like Microsoft in such short period of time is not a trivial task.
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Билл Гейтс держит в руках дискетту с только что ушедшей на полки магазинов операционной системой Windows 1.0, 1985 год

1991 год - Microsoft - крупнейший поставщик ПО в США

Билл Гейтс на презентации Windows 95, август 1995 года

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Best R&D companies survey--IBM is the best

Article in BW discussing IBM's strides in research and its high-stakes game to become the pacesetter is very interesting.

Who's the King of R&D?

When R&D Magazine presented its annual survey ranking the World's Best R&D Companies in October, 2007, several companies got to share the spotlight. The magazine's editors compared data such as patents received, R&D headcount, and new-product sales for 130 R&D-intensive companies. Then they surveyed readers to get additional input. IBM (IBM) ranked No.1 overall. When it came to which company's R&D has the strongest influence on society, however, Microsoft (MSFT) won the top spot.

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